Human Capital Services

  • Assessments for selection and development
  • Coaching leaders at all levels to ensure maximum productivity
  • Building teams and improving teamwork
  • Improving the fit between person and job
  • Coaching for performance
  • Compensation and motivation strategies
  • Evaluating and improving employee commitment
  • Coaching for improving cultural adaptation and transition, assisting in relocation and foreign assignments including family issues
  • Consulting on marketing and hiring strategies for international markets

Tools and Techniques

Specialized Services

  • Building and implementation of competency models
  • Succession planning
  • Family business issues
  • Myers-Briggs (MBTI) assessments and programs
  • Conflict styles assessments and conflict resolution skills training
  • Leadership development training for managers and leaders
  • Customized leadership programs fit the needs of the company
  • Programs to assess and improve emotional intelligence (EQ), more predictive of success than IQ (MSCEIT, EQ-I, ECI)

Consultation to Law Firms & Law Departments

Sirkin Advisors

In leading law firms, the best managing partners, in our experience, are not top-down, command-and-control leaders. Instead, they work with the several constituencies that comprise a law firm with a deft recognition of their different needs and responsibilities. Helping leaders develop their abilities and assess the needs of the firm is one of our top priorities.
Law departments, within larger companies, come with their own set of challenges; we assist lawyers and managers to work as professionals within a corporate structure.

What We Offer

Partner Coaching

We work at every level of the firm, including staff. However, we specialize in working with law firm leaders, law department leaders, and equity partners. This includes high potentials, problem partners, and those partners facing important life decisions.

Leadership Team and Practice Group Consultation

Lawyers need to work together as a team to be successful. Team assessments, coaching, and consultation can often put a team or practice group back on track.

Succession Planning

Choosing the appropriate successor is not an event but a process. From determining if someone has the skill set to helping them take the reins and work with other leaders during the transition, are all important issues to address during a transition.

Off-sites and Partner Meetings

Attorneys want to stay informed, and we provide cutting-edge information about the things lawyers need to know to manage the firm in an organized manner.

An example of recent topics that can serve as the basis for talks or workshops include

  • The Lawyers Brain, recent advances in neuroscience
  • Manage Your Time to Manage Your Practice, time management for lawyers;
  • Mission Difficult – but Not Impossible, how recent discoveries about lawyer’s personalities can help people work with lawyers, and help lawyers manage themselves;
  • Politics is Not a Dirty Word, the essentials of social intelligence for lawyers;
  • Leadership Styles that Work for Lawyers;
  • Creating a Work Climate that Works;
  • Neglect Them at Your Peril, how managing down the firm even to the staff level can add to the bottom line. Potential topics could include common issues, or specific issues of concern to your firm.

Family Business Consultation


“These executives realize something that many family businesses have not: The values, ideals, and a sense of purpose nurtured by the owning family are a potentially vast source of strength and energy for business. A healthy owning family with strong values may be the greatest resource a business can have.”

~Aronoff & Ward, 1992


Family businesses comprise over 80-90 percent of all business enterprises. They account for about 80 percent of new job creation and over 50 percent of GDP in the US alone. About 60 percent of all public companies in the US are family-owned, and they make up about 37 percent of the Fortune 500.

Typically, a family business is defined as a business in which a single-family controls the company’s ownership.

What We Offer

Individual Coaching

Whether it is the founder, a successor, or a newly joined family member, coaching utilizes assessment tools and one-on-one meetings to help individuals thrive in the business and at home.

Organizational Development

Our organizational development will ensure that the talents of family members are used most effectively.

Career Coaching

Career coaching is for those who are thinking of entering or leaving the family business

Family Councils

Family councils are for the creation and management of a non-business forum to help the family understand and manage its significant assets, including the business.

Our Specialty

As professionals with a background in both business consulting and family dynamics, Sirkin Advisors provides help to families in business by focusing on the issues where the family is stuck, helping to resolve these issues, and getting the business, and the family, to move to other challenges. We provide many related services as well.

Typical Family business Problems

  • Sudden growth and issues of nepotism in hiring and promotion
  • Creating a viable succession plan
  • Working with founders who are not ready to let go
  • Helping siblings thrive once the founder is no longer in the business
  • Creating opportunities for children and grandchildren to be part of the legacy

Cyber Immunity


Dr. Sirkin is among the country’s first “cyberpsychologists,” meaning he has a deep understanding of how people interact with technology. Through his relationship with ACP, he brings cyber assessments, education and awareness, and tools to protect a company and its employees from all forms of cyber infection and attack. He specializes in helping companies develop a strategy to ensure cyber immunity.

Cyber Immunity

Dr. Sirkin is among the country’s first “cyberpsychologists,” meaning he has a deep understanding of how people interact with technology. Through his relationship with ACP, he brings cyber assessments, education and awareness, and tools to protect a company and its employees from all forms of cyber infection and attack. He specializes in helping companies develop a strategy to ensure cyber immunity.

Sirkin Advisors

What We Offer

Cyber Immunity Assessments

We have the ability to evaluate threats at the individual, team, and organizational levels.

Education & Awareness

Insider threats, whether due to maliciousness or lack of knowledge, or carelessness, account for most cyber vulnerability.  We provide specific tools to deal with each of these specific threat vectors.

Cyber Stewardship

The best cyber defense begins with a top down strategy.  Cyber protection is not an IT problem or even an HR problem; it begins at the C-Suite or even the Board room.

Cyber Immunity Challenges We Solve

We can assess and ameliorate risks resulting from:

  • Lack of knowledge, carelessness, distractions
  • Misuse or underuse of protective technologies
  • Personalities more susceptible to cyber threats
  • Malicious intent
  • Internal threat due to disaffected or dishonest workers
  • Onboarding education and off-boarding precautions to limit cyber intrusions

Our Specialty

The term “cyber” often leads people to think of technology, security, and the complexities of the modern work environment. Repeated studies demonstrate, however, that human factors – when, where, and how people interface with technology – account for 80-90% of cyber problems. The reasons may be simple or complex, but contributing factors may include: Lack of information, lack of education and awareness, lack of attention or focus by the users, or personality factors which sometime affect how people approach technology. Nor is the threat itself stable, as cyber criminals continue to evolve new ways to infect systems either through sophisticated methods of attack or by playing to the psychological vulnerabilities of users.