Mark Sirkin, Ph.D.

Insights and Speeches on Specific Topics

Mark Sirkin is a popular lecturer and dynamic speaker. He has provided dozens of talks at retreats, firms, and off-sites. As an author, expert on people and workplace issues, as well as executive and owner lifestyles, Mark would be happy to share his insights and provide talks and keynotes on specific topics. Please contact him for further information.

The Secret Life of Corporations

The business world is currently undergoing radical, evolutionary change sometimes referred to as the Fourth Industrial Revolution. But Mark Sirkin will show you how investing in human capital is the preeminent strategy for surviving and thriving in an era of unprecedented change.

Understanding the True Nature of Business

One of the world’s premier management consultants, Sirkin pioneered the revolutionary business theory of ‘biodynamics,’ a wide-ranging approach to problem-solving that looks at organizations as organisms or as actual living systems. This breakthrough offers innovative solutions for companies across the globe, and that means lean, strong, healthy, survivable, and very profitable corporate entities for the future.

Regain Your Balance At Work, with Family, in Life— Identifying Your Goals and Ordering Your Priorities

This book answers the challenge of finding, preserving, and enhancing a healthy and sustainable balance between one’s work and personal life with the field-tested insights of a consulting psychologist and executive coach. Mark Sirkin, Ph.D., distilling the results of three decades of interactions with people in diverse circumstances and stages in their careers, presents them in this guide.

The work’s conversational presentation encourages the goal of balance, discusses the nature of healthy work-family equilibrium, outlines the steps for creating a plan, encourages putting the plan to work, and suggests methods for assuring that one’s efforts are sustainable and bear fruit.


A Book That Inspires

Are you looking at yourself in the mirror and wondering how you came to be where you are? Do you sense that the dynamic balance between your labor and your leisure is out of whack?

According to Dr. Sirkin’s observation, “Today all generations, in all types of jobs, are looking for balance, less stress, and more time with family and friends? Like you, these people are willing to give it their all when they are at work. They expect to work hard, but in exchange, they want a life?” If you relate yourself to the above statement of Dr. Sirkin, then Regain Your Balance: At Work, with Family, in Life is the right book for you.