Mark Sirkin, Ph.D.

Meet Mark Sirkin, PhD

Mark Sirkin began his career as an academic clinical psychologist, working with families and children applying systems theory to real-life problems. He has worked with hundreds of individuals and families and has taught applied systems theory to psychology grad students, medical students, and counseling students.

Career in Business

Realizing that businesses were the ultimate challenge in complex human systems, he began to specialize in organizational consultation. He obtained a post-doctoral certificate from the world-renowned psychoanalytic institute, The William Alanson White Institute in New York City. As a member of the first class in 1990 of their Organizational Consulting and Development Program, he began his consulting career.

For almost 30 years, he has worked in a variety of businesses, from Fortune 50 companies to publicly-held smaller firms, large and small law firms, family-businesses, and technology start-ups.

Sirkin Advisors
Sirkin Advisors

Publishing a Book

In 2004, Mark published the first edition of ‘The Secret Life of Corporations’ (now in its second edition). Since then he continued his consulting career at Hay Group and the law firm consultancy Hildebrandt Baker Robbins, a division of Thomson Reuters. He has since published a second book, ‘Regain Your Balance’ (2015) especially for coaching clients. He has written numerous professional and scholarly articles covering a wide range of topics at the interface of psychology and human factors.

A Lifetime of Applying Psychology to Real World Problems

Mark Sirkin received his PhD. in clinical psychology in 1986 from the University of Connecticut in Storrs. Before that, he had completed an internship at the Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services, where he had become the Director of Research for their Cult Hot-line and Clinic.


In 1987, he joined the faculty of the University of Rochester Medical Center in Psychiatry, where he became Director of Group Research and Training. He continued to publish on relational disorders and other dysfunctional group and family phenomena.


In 1990, he joined the faculty of the Ferkauf Graduate School and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine as Director of The Robert Beren Center for the Jewish Family.

In that same year, he also began his post-doctoral training at the William Alanson White Institute’s Organizational Development and Consulting Program. He began consulting to family businesses soon after.


In 1994, he left academia to become a full-time consultant with RHR International, where he was appointed Director of their Family Business Practice.


In 1999, he founded Sirkin Associates, a management consulting firm specializing in executive development and organizational change. He has written articles and presented to numerous groups about his consulting to family businesses.


In 2004, he decided to expand his practice by joining Hay Group, at the time the world’s largest human resources consultancy with over 74 offices in 41 countries. He was a senior practitioner with their Executive Services practice.

During this time, he also became active in the Society of Consulting Psychology as co-head of their Family Business Practice Special Interest Group.


Joined Hildebrandt Baker Robbins, the world’s largest law firm consultancy at the time, focused on developing law firm leadership, practice groups, and individual partners.

During this time, he also became active in the Society of Consulting Psychology as co-head of their Family Business Practice Special Interest Group.


Hired by Mercy College, Dobbs Ferry, NY to lead their Master’s program in Mental Health Counseling. Subsequently promoted to Chair of the Counseling Department and Associate Dean of the School of Social and Behavioral Sciences. He continued to be active in the Society of Consulting Psychology (Division 13 of the American Psychological Association) where he was Program Chair.


Return to consulting full-time, under the banner of Sirkin Advisors. Based on a talk given in 2017 to the Information Security Conference for the Financial Sector in Qatar, he was asked to join Assured Cyber Protection as Head, Applied Psychology and Human Factors; and he is chair of their Board of Advisors. His new focus on cyberpsychology and human factors in information security have allowed him to pioneer new methods and approaches to ensuring cyber immunity for companies throughout the world. He currently divides his time between ACP and Sirkin Advisors.

Mark is currently the President of the Society of Consulting Psychology, Division 13 of the American Psychological Association.